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Service Overview

The Jockey Club “age at Home” Gerontech Education and Rental Service Centre is operated by the Hong Kong Red Cross, we are committed to increasing the awareness of gerontechnology in Hong Kong. Through hands-on experience, it allows the elderly and visitors to choose suitable equipment based on their needs and living environment. We are dedicated to improving the living conditions and capabilities of the elderly through various kinds of gerontech equipment.

The centre enables the elderly, their carers, and the general public to gain hands-on experience on different equipment and they may join the guided tours to learn more about gerontechnology.

To enhance the understanding of gerontechnology, workshops and training courses will be organized, including:

Interactive Workshop and Seminar
Assist the elderly and their carers to identify suitable home care gerontech equipment.
Care Equipment Counsellor Training Programme
The course is designed for people who are interested in gerontechnology, it equips participants with knowledge and techniques to work in the education, rental, cleaning and maintenance service at the Gerontech Education and Rental Service Centre.