Service Centre

Gerontech Cleaning and Maintenance Service Centre

Service Overview

Run by St. James Settlement, the Fotan centre is a centralised hardware care centre for gerontech equipment, ensuring optimal hygiene and safety of each and every piece of equipment. Our service encompasses the cleaning, disinfection, quality check, maintenance and storage of all rental products, as well as the logistical arrangements, regular inspection and aftercare where the service entails.

Service Feature:

- Introduce equipment from Japan enhancing the efficiency of cleaning procedures

- Effectively kill 99.8% of bacteria content by ozone disinfection *

- Use a wheel washing machine to effectively remove tire dirt automatically

- Shorten drying time by using drying machine, reduce the chances rust and mildew

- Employ disabled persons to promote social benefits

*According to the result of swab samples collected at December 2020

Open Visitation

The service centre is opened for visitation requests for the general public and relevant institutional practitioners, as a means to increase the awareness and confidence towards our scheme by exhibiting cleaning and maintenance facilities of available gerontech equipment.

Career Opportunities

We offer job opportunities to people with disabilities, alongside relevant training to prepare them with professional knowledge on handling gerontechnology equipment to boost their confidence through self-actualisation.