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Jockey Club “age at home”
Gerontech Education and Rental Service

Funded by The Hong Kong Jockey Club Charities Trust, the Jockey Club “age at home” Gerontech Education and Rental Service is a pilot scheme aiming to enhance the understanding on gerontechnology and its applications, in order to build up the capability and confidence of “ageing in place” among older persons and their carers.

Administered by The Hong Kong Council of Social Service, the scheme covers three categories of services, with the support from three trusted operators: Education Service, Rental Services together with Cleaning and Maintenance Service managed by Hong Kong Red Cross, Evangelical Lutheran Church Social Service – Hong Kong and St. James’ Settlement respectively.

Under this scheme, two service centres are situated in Shatin and Fotan with the following service scopes, promoting active ageing in place for the older persons and their carers:

Education Service
The Jockey Club “age at Home” Gerontech Education and Rental Service Centre is established in Sha Tin with an area of approximately 7,000 square feet. The centre is operated by the Hong Kong Red Cross. By way of experimental learning activities, such as interactive workshops, it allows the elderly, their carers, and the general public to receive the latest information on gerontech, and gain hands-on experience on gerontech equipment. Our team of professionals including occupational therapists and Care Equipment Counsellors provides professional information and assessments to visitors, supports them in choosing equipment, and refers appropriate cases to the rental service.
Rental Service
Operated by the Evangelical Lutheran Church Social Service – Hong Kong. Prioritising service users referred by the Home Support Team of the "Integrated Discharge Support Program for Elderly Patients (IDSP)" in Sha Tin District , our professional team provide thorough assessments, consultations, induction and recommendations of gerontech equipment for older persons and carers, and follow through the progress of special cases.
Cleaning and Maintenance Service
The Gerontech Cleaning and Maintenance Service Centre in Fotan is operated by St. James' Settlement. Taking reference from Japan and other European countries, the service centre offers one-stop, professional and high-quality services for the cleaning, disinfection, quality check, maintenance and storage of all rental equipment. All equipment will be re-packaged with a new user manual to bring the best experience to the next client. Logistics support will also be provided to achieve the goal of “Smart Ageing in Place”.