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Smart Ageing in Place

Jockey Club “age at home” Gerontech Education and Rental Service is a pilot scheme aiming to promote awareness of gerontechnology as a solution for ageing in place to those in need and their carers in Hong Kong, by offering one-stop education and rental services for Smart Ageing in Place.

A combination of “gerontology” and “technology”, “gerontechnology” is a novel concept for providing innovative products and technology application for senior members of society. Ageing can be discouraging at times, and technology too seems perplexing. By highlighting “a” in the scheme title, “age at home” offers an approachable passage to the multifaceted aspects of ageing, and brings an optimistic outlook to one’s senior years ── to be aware, to act, to adapt, to affirm and to appreciate. For the rental, cleaning and maintenance services provided, “a” promises to take care from assess, assist, assemble, apply to assure.

This all-rounded solution strives to offer elders golden years with a boost of confidence, enabling ageing in place trouble-free.